About Us
about-img1Get to know Payless Pharmacy: Our Company Profile Payless Pharmacy consists of competitive customer care staff, from pharmacists to assistants to technicians. We have acquired the required education and training regarding our duties and even exceeded with extra training with necessary and helpful knowledge. We continue to be trained and educated from time to time as our performance and skills are evaluated regularly by our management.

about-img2We are privately-owned and operated. We embody a set of ideals that are innately practiced at Payless Pharmacy. Since the beginning, we were stringently examined of our ethical practice and competence to serve the community as pharmacists. Our backgrounds are checked in the fields of education, to physical soundness, psychological stability, and even our background history for criminal history, driving records, etc. The safety of our customers is always the priority so we make sure that our people are thoroughly screened and skills assessed.

We serve for the sake of genuine care and professional contribution to the community. As a result, our services are truly cost efficient and rewarding. Not to mention, you can find everything you need here. What’s more economizing than that? Payless Pharmacy has several branches spread across the state so you can go to your nearest pharmacy and pick-up your medication, vitamins or medical supplies with convenience.

Payless Pharmacy is always happy to serve you. Once you partake of our services, you become our family. We will surely remember you and deal with you in a personalized way. So there is no need to worry, we know you, we know your needs and we know how to take good care of you. You can find friendly pharmacists at every Payless Pharmacy branch.

Non- Discrimination Policy

We love to serve all individuals regardless of race, color, age, national origin, ethnic background, sexual preference and religion.